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Thor's Tours, 2017

Prior to taking up a one month residency at the Fish Factory in Stöðvarfjörður, on Iceland's east coast, I explored some of the jewels of Iceland's landscapes. I did this using the multitudinous tour companies in Reykjavik and in doing so I began to see the flaws in putting a price on nature. Much of the tourist industry thrives on a 'fear of missing out' mentality whereby money can be converted into awe and splendour. Seeing the farce in this, I decided to create a tragi-comic tour company of my own, on the much quieter east coast. For two weeks I hand-painted a sandwich board, designed flyers and explored the local area, and for the following two weeks I pestered the locals and the few tourists that passed by into joining me on my tour. I had virtually no customers. They didn't know what they were missing.

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