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Ben Frimet

I am a visual artist who takes inspiration from the intricate nature of people and the everday events that go unnoticed.

From the way we think and behave to our experiences and the ways we interact, people provide an endless source of intrigue and enquiry. I work in a variety of media, choosing to adapt my method of working to best suit the idea I wish to express. This has ranged from sewing portraits, jelly wobbling kinetic sculptures, installations, giant chickens, hair styling as performance, fire based art, painting and community based practice.

In 2008, I co-founded Art Tarts, an art collective comprised of 5 artists who create interactive exhibitions in unusual spaces in order to encourage people to take an active part in their surroundings through art.

Since completing my PGCE at Goldsmiths in 2011, I have taught in schools, delivered award winning projects, written for educational magazines and journals and have continued to make my own work.

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