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We look for and find similarities and differences in our bloodline, using our heritage as a kind of scientific answer to finding out about who we are but how rational are these comparisons? Would we find as many connections to complete strangers if we looked hard enough and tried to rationalise them?

A Stitch in Time

This was from a series of sewn portraits of my mum and me using clothing and bed linen from the home I grew up in. The loose threads you that can be seen through the fabric add a subtle layers of meaning to the images. Do the threads represent memories? Thoughts? DNA? What we don't see is often more important than was is clearly visible.

This is a life-sized piece of my mum sitting in her favourite chair stitched onto an old duvet cover.  I really like the detail in the hands as it adds to the sense of stillness and waiting and reminds me of the nuances of my mum's personality. 

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